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Creative processes should be rewarded. This applies equally to photographers, architects, film-makers and musicians. At the focus of every creation is its author or creator who implements his or her idea by publishing it for the benefit of the general public. But that should not mean that the creative work is free of charge. And the necessary protection in this case is copyright law (Urheberrechtsgesetz, UrhG). But so much for theory.

There is often a lack of effective implementation and assertion of copyright law. Authors unconsciously give away their rights in contract negotiations. For example, section 32 UrhG stipulates appropriate remuneration for authors. It reads: “If the agreed compensation is not appropriate, any author has the right to require from the other contracting party consent to amendment of the contract so that the author is granted appropriate remuneration.”

The lawyers at KBM Legal in Cologne, Dusseldorf & Wiehl in Germany will help you assert your rights. We accompany you to contract negotiations so that all the rights to your work are taken into consideration from the very beginning. We can amend an agreement that has already been concluded to ensure appropriate remuneration for you, and will help you deal with performing rights societies such as the German Association for Music Performance Rights (GEMA) and the Federal Association of the Music Industry (GVL).

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