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Trade law is a special law for businessmen. The status of a businessman has both privileges and disadvantages. Therefore, it goes without saying that legal transactions between businessmen should generally be handled as quickly as possible. Due to the rapid pace of commercial trade, businessmen cannot be governed by the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB) which provides protection for persons who are not businessmen. The result, however, is that lack of clarity and inconsistencies in commercial activities among businessmen can have especially negative consequences.

Thanks to our interdisciplinary approach we can offer you comprehensive support in all aspects of trade law. Our services include more than mere representation in court. It is our goal to put you in a position, through our advice, to create added value rather than wasting valuable time handling legal disputes with business partners. Good legal advice aims to avoid legal disputes and solve problems even before they arise.

Out-of-court advice

The primary focus of our advisory services is therefore not on representing your interests in court, but rather strives to avoid unnecessary legal disputes in the future by using our legal expertise to improve daily operational processes in your company. A thorough examination of your contracts and company organisation will help prevent misunderstandings with your trade partners in everyday business. Proper trade contracts and clear trade guidelines for your employees are essential factors of a sound company organisation. And a lower budget for court proceedings and lawyers’ fees alongside less time spent on dealing with legal problems will result in economic advantages for you.

Representation of your interests in Cologne, Dusseldorf & Wiehl, Germany

If a case goes to court, our lawyers also ensure that your interests are represented and fight for your rights. We take the time to work out the details in collaboration with your employees and put forward a detailed case for you in court.

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